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Soul Parent | Spiritual ChildTM Evolutionary Educator

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About Me


As a child, Julie would always try to hide herself. She was a very shy child. Fear was a very strong emotion that dictated most of her experiences in life. Her parents worked a lot, at a family business and Sunday’s were the one day a week where she felt like she had a family. Even then, it felt very disconnected. Her parents divorced when she was a pre-teen. A time where she needed the support and guidance from her parents, was non-existent. She grew up, thinking that her childhood and family experience wasn’t so terrible, based on what she saw and heard from others. That the family model she grew up in, was the “norm”. Coming from a broken home, she knew that she did not want the same experience for her own children.

Julie is now married and a mother of three, highly spirited, young children. Through the course of this work, she was able to recognize that, even though she didn’t live the same life her parents lived, the emotions, behaviours, and conditions, still showed up in different ways. The connection she was dreaming to have with her own children, was still lacking. She was able to heal the different layers, that were holding her back from loving herself, her partner, and her children unconditionally. She now sees her own mother as a woman, who also went through her own struggles. This has changed their present connection, that was distant and estranged. She has a stronger connection with her spouse, by communicating, openly and honestly, without fear. She has a better understanding of her children, for their unique purpose and a stronger connection, with trust. She also has developed a deep sense of self-love and realizes that unconditional love begins with her.

The Soul Parent | Spiritual ChildTM work has helped her understand that her children have their own life path. They have chosen her to be their guide in supporting who they truly are, not what she hopes them to be. It has strengthened her relationship to self, her partner, and her immediate family. It has impacted her life in such a positive way that she felt called to share it with others. Prior to this work, Julie did not have a strong connection to other children, outside of her own. This was the most profound change in her healing. She now sees all children, fully and completely, for who they have come here to be. She is now able to see that part of her purpose is to protect all children of this earth, by sharing this evolutionary model.


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Our program’s are dedicated to your personal evolution and your children’s inner harmony and balance in the world providing you with the knowledge and guidance giving you permission and the steps to allow your children to self expressing who you are, not what society want or expects them to be.

Soul Therapy School® has developed whole systems to women, children and her family creating a unique education for the family to be kind, generous, grateful and honour each family member as part of an evolving landscape of our world.

Each program is delivered on a weekly basis giving space for you to review, integrate and ground your Soul Parent | Spiritual ChildTM experience in your body, mind and spirit. We offer you an evolutionary approach to honouring yourself at all stages and aspects of your womanhood; mother, sister, daughter, woman and friend.


3 Month Program | Embracing Life Changes

Our Embracing Change 3 month program is dedicated to women who desire to understand how to embrace change from the inside out. This being with her womb, fears, family issues and developing a strong foundation to begin building boundaries in her life to support her desire for emotional health. Key areas that are valued and supported; preconception, conception, birth, newborn, changing family dynamics and relationships.


6 Month Program | Compassion & Expansion of Motherhood

Valuing yourself as you are right now as you grow and expand as a new or seasoned mother. Compassion allows your sensitivities to flourish and shine. The natural instinct as a woman, to be feminine, nurturing and protective, all develop in stages. If you are seeking or finding yourself wanting to ground into your feminine nature and return your natural senses into a powerful place to expand from, then this 6-month compassion and expansion of motherhood program is for you.

*This is for women who are mothers or are about to become mothers.


9 Month Program | Healing Mother & Family Wounds

Our mother is our strongest connection to our worth and self-love in the world. Inside the womb of our mother you receive messages on how she felt, thought and her relationship to the world, these also become part of your subconscious beliefs. Healing the mother, is to understand how your family wounds from generations past and present affect your ability to live in a conscious loving and purposeful way to model being a Soul Parent for your children. You will learn how to embody your womanhood as a powerful storehouse of creative energy that manifest, heals, anchors into the Earth and embodies her true worth in the world.


12 Month Program | Love Unconditional

Unconditional love is what we all yearn for, every child is born with the core need to be loved; from the very first breath they take. Love is the most fundamental emotion yet very few people ever get to experience. During your 12-month program, you will see how past and current experiences are serving you to embrace love and to heal those parts of yourself that you deny nor accept as powerful, loving or of value. You will learn to live from the depth of who you are, pure unconditional love, and express this love to your family, children, partner, parents, community and home.


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